Langford & Rowe use Leica and Riegl surveying instruments. These include:

  • One-person robotic total stations
  • Digital levels
  • 10 GPS Units, including our permanent GPS base station (C.O.R.S) on the roof of our office.

Software used includes:

  • Topcon's CivilCAD
  • AutoDesk's AutoCAD, Civil3D and Map 3D
  • Riegl's RiScan Pro
  • Leica's GeoOffice and Cyclone

On top of providing clear and precise paper plans, L&R can convert the job into most formats (DWG, DXF, PDF, etc.) and emailed directly to you.

Long Range Scanning

Through Langford and Rowe's 3D Laser Scanning, mine engineers become virtual surveyors from their own desks. L&R visit a mine and scan everything at one time. That data is then delivered to the engineer in whatever way they choose, whether it be AutoCAD, 3D surface meshes, or any other mode.

L&R's 3D mine surveys are far more accurate than traditional survey methods.

By using a 3D Laser Scanner, safety is increased as surveys can be carried out from great distances away, eliminating the need to place people and equipment in dangerous situations.

Langford & Rowe Surveyors offers mine surveying services that save time and money. By having a complete digital representation of a tunnel or a section of tunnel, engineers/planners can go virtually to the site from a computer from a remote location and examine it in great detail. The data provided can be used for numerous applications both now or years down the track.



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Stockpile Volumes

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Pit Surveys

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High Wall Monitoring

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For more information on 3D Laser Scanning and the applications on minesites, contact Wayne, Domenic or Mark on 02 6882 1611. 

Alternatively email: .

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