Langford & Rowe use Leica and Riegl surveying instruments. These include:

  • One-person robotic total stations
  • Digital levels
  • 10 GPS Units, including our permanent GPS base station (C.O.R.S) on the roof of our office.

Software used includes:

  • Topcon's CivilCAD
  • AutoDesk's AutoCAD, Civil3D and Map 3D
  • Riegl's RiScan Pro
  • Leica's GeoOffice and Cyclone

On top of providing clear and precise paper plans, L&R can convert the job into most formats (DWG, DXF, PDF, etc.) and emailed directly to you.

GPS Surveys

GPS has allowed the modern day surveyor to greatly reduce the time taken for a survey.

What is GPS?

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) refers to a constellation of 24 satellites that orbit the earth twice a day. These satellites broadcast high-frequency radio signals, which are gathered by GPS receivers. These receivers use high-powered computers to calculate latitude, longitude and TITLEitude information.

Why use GPS?

The speed and accuracy with which GPS is completed allows you to use your resources more effectively. Compared to conventional survey techniques, GPS offers incredible savings in time and money.

GPS has numerous advantages over traditional surveying methods:

  • Line-of-sight between points is not required.
  • Produces results with very high accuracy.
  • More work can be accomplished in less time with fewer people.

Langford & Rowe have 4 Leica GPS systems as well as a permanent base station on top of our building, allowing us to move freely around the Dubbo area with a backpack only, saving time and, therefore, money.

Our products are serviced every 12months at C.R. Kennedy, an authorized Leica distributor and service partner, ensuring the reliability of our units.

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