Langford & Rowe use Leica and Riegl surveying instruments. These include:

  • One-person robotic total stations
  • Digital levels
  • 10 GPS Units, including our permanent GPS base station (C.O.R.S) on the roof of our office.

Software used includes:

  • Topcon's CivilCAD
  • AutoDesk's AutoCAD, Civil3D and Map 3D
  • Riegl's RiScan Pro
  • Leica's GeoOffice and Cyclone

On top of providing clear and precise paper plans, L&R can convert the job into most formats (DWG, DXF, PDF, etc.) and emailed directly to you.

3d Modeling

What is a model?

To many people point clouds are very large cumbersome files and hard to read or manipulate without the right hardware and software. Models allow us to represent these large point clouds into a rendered 3D image. This is done by draping a surface over the point cloud and colourised using photos taken in the field while scanning. The end result significantly reduces the size of the file and gives the client a detailed realistic capture of the structure. Models are very useful for capturing and storing detail so that it is never lost.

Model Examples

Benefits of Modeling:

  • Much more detail for designers; if a conduit has to run through a maze of existing pipes and/or structures, the designers will know exactly where and what assets are already there - all of which can be done remotely
  • Reduce in delays (no hidden surprises to slow construction)
  • Zero ambiguity with regards to existing assets
  • Allows designers to determine any structural faults
  • Higher accuracy than conventional methods (i.e. measuring with tapes, making notes, taking photos - all of that s right in front of you)

Applications of Modeling:

  • As-builts on bridges & buildings
  • Roads and highways (particularly with active traffic)
  • Pipeline mapping
  • Fuel Depots & process plants
  • Historical buildings
  • Open-cut pits and stockpiles
  • Mining or landfill applications can be scanned & modeled economically with resulting detail that would be difficult to achieve through traditional methods.


BIM'S (Building Information Model)

For years now Langford and Rowe have been supplying clients such as engineers and architects all over Australia with bim's. These models provide useful information for refurbishment purposes or future planning.

Materials can be assigned to the architectural objects within the bim. These objects can be external walls, internal walls, floor, doors, windows, roof, ceiling and etc.

Heritage Surveys

Laser scanning now gives us the capability to capture features of heritage listed buildings and reproduce those features in the future or simply store the data for preservation reasons.

MEP's (mechanical/electrical/plumbing)

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Apart from BIM's we also scan and model the services within a building creating an even more detailed bim. 2d drawings can also be created from these surveys if required or checked against design drawings to make sure that the services have been built correctly.

Bridge Surveys

Complex Mechanical Surveys

Substation Surveys

Interference Modelling

For more information on 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling and how it can benefit your business, contact Wayne or Domenic on 02 6882 1611.

Alternatively email:, or

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